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December 2017 Newsletter

The upcoming sport show, (Feb. 2-4) was discussed at the December meeting; vendor applications are coming in. Pheasants Forever will again provide the free BB gun range for the kids. We will have the dog show again and the recipient of the George Block Conservation Scholarship will be announced before the dog show. George Block's crew will be measuring horns as always on Saturday and Sunday.

If you hunt or fish, representatives Cook and Saccone are not your friends. Cook recently sent a letter to the Governor disparaging the Fish Commission and asking him to fire the executive director, John Arway. The hiring and firing of the executive director is the job of the board of directors, not the legislators. Cook and Saccone both signed on to HB 1481. This bill, introduced by Maloney, would among many other things take deer management away from the PGC and give it to a committee of people who would most likely know nothing about managing wildlife. It is supported by the people who call themselves the Unified Sportsmen of PA. Thankfully this bill has not been submitted to the game and fisheries committee and has little likelihood of getting addressed this session. Other news; the preliminary indications are that the bear harvest was down by 30%. We wonder if the commission needs to start managing bear for maximum sustained yield. Rain on opening day is thought to be the main reason for the lower harvest.

Our condolences go out to Bernie Dhans who suffered a house fire recently. He is fine, no one was injured and he has a good place to live while his house is being rebuilt.

We hope you had an enjoyable hunting season and good luck to those of you who have tags for 2B and those with muzzle loader tags.

Don't forget to nominate any youngster you may know who is interested in conservation for the George Block Conservation Scholarship. Applications are due by Dec. 31st. Call or email me if you have any questions.

We have not received a nomination for vice president and the open seat on the board of directors. Nominations will be open again before the vote at the next meeting on January 4th.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas
And a happy, healthy New Year.