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January 2020 Newsletter

At the January meeting Adam Traynor reported that unlike Dan's experience his area had quite a few hunters on the first day of the rifle deer season. He also talked about the eagle live stream camera available on the PGC website. This year's bear harvest will be a record-breaking number, estimated at over 4,600. The previous record was 4,350 in 2011. A new addition to the website for grouse hunters is a color-coded mapping of the best grouse areas in the state. You can get to the map here. Adam also reported that the commissioners will now be meeting on Friday, Saturdays, rather than Monday and Tuesdays. The next meeting will be Jan. 24th & 25th.

We also talked about the issue of lead killing eagles. Eagle deaths from lead poisoning were first reported about 40 years ago. At the time it was suspected that they were ingesting lead from eating crimpled waterfowl. Lead shot was banned for hunting waterfowl in 1986. Ten years later a study determined that about 20% of the eagle examined were still dying of lead poisoning. The eagle was placed on the endangered species list in 1967. DDT was banned in 1972 and the eagle population began to climb to the point where it was moved from the endangered list to the threatened in 1995 and then in 2007 it was removed from the threatened list. I found several studies that were conducted by various universities during all this time all of which were finding that about 20% of the eagle deaths that they studied were caused by lead poisoning. Thus, the blame was put on lead particles in gut piles. One study examined 25 gut piles and found at least one lead particle in 9 of the gut piles. Here is the report I wrote on this subject for the PFSC SW division quarterly meeting.

Bob Tohey reports that the Canonsburg club indoor archery is starting up on Thursday nights at 7:30 and is open to the public. Cost is $5. 3D archery will begin Feb. 2nd. The club is selling advertising at the targets. If your company is interested call Bob at 724-554-4134. This shoot is also open to the public and there will be a polar bear shoot in Feb. 16th. Cost is $10. Crossbows are allowed, no broadheads.

Don't forget to tell everyone in you club about the Sport show coming up Feb. 7-9 at the Crown Center Mall. We will have the free BB gun range and face painting for the kids. The awarding of the 2020 George Block Conservation Scholarship will be held in front of the old Bon-Ton store at noon on Saturday, Feb. 8th. The annual sporting dog show will be held thereafter. This year we will have continuous music entertainment by our DJ, John Koval. He will be taking your requests and dancing will be allowed.

Our treasurer, Lou Brandenberg is in the Washington Hospital undergoing all kinds of tests on internal organs. We wish him a speedy recovery.

The next meeting will be Thursday, February 6th at the mall.

Hope to see you at the Mall,