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June 2019 Newsletter

The news for this month is the release of Auditor General DePasquale's audit of the PGC. You may recall that in early in 2018 the Auditor General announced a planned performance audit of the PGC. About the same time, the Associated Press reported that DePasquale's audit will also delve into how Pennsylvania's whitetail deer population is scientifically managed, and into PGC efforts to preserve and expand ruffed grouse habitat. Separately, the Auditor General also announced his intention to use his position to promote gun control.

Upon reading this report, I sent a letter to the Post-Gazette, PA Outdoor News, and the Observer Reporter chastising DePasquale for attempting to meddle in policy subjects (guns, deer, grouse, land management, conservation, biology) he is neither qualified nor elected to investigate. I further stated that DePasquale is not a biologist, he is just another undistinguished lawyer elected to political office, a common and unfortunate fact of life in America. DePasquale was injecting both politics and money into his "audit" of the PGC, and concerned sportsmen should beware the politicized, unprofessional results that are sure to result.

Well, as it turned out the AG didn't make any remarks regarding the PGC's habitat and wildlife management programs. His report calls for better financial transparency and management, he did not find that any funds were lost or missing. He remarked that the PGC had $72.8 million in reserve at the end of 2018 which he thinks is too much. He said that the commission should keep this in mind when developing their budgets. I would guess that he knows that every PGC budget must be approved by the Governor; if he doesn't, he should. The response from the Governor's office is typically a reduction in the amount requested. The PGC annual budget is about $120 million; the $73 million reserve represents 60% of the budget. I don't think that any corporation would think that having 60% of your annual budget in reserve is too much.

It sounds to me that the AG was being terribly nitpicky. He said the commission should examine its vehicle fleet. "Its not easy or wise for an agency like the commission to trim its vehicle fleet as some others" he admitted "Public safety is involved but the commission still might find some savings." I can't figure out what he means by these comments.

Here you will find the PFSC Executive Director's email to the board and also the PGC response and other reports on the audit.

There will NOT be a meeting in July as the first Thursday is on the 4 th.

The next meeting will be August 1

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