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May 2018 Newsletter

Dan Sitler reports that he is having to cover the entire county as Rich is off due to surgery. He is now recuperating at home. No word on when he may be able to return to work. You can send get well cards to the regional office: 4820 Route 711, Bolivar, PA 15923-2420. Dan asks that clubs contact him to set up a time and date for him to come and speak. He reports that turkey hunters have been meeting with success in the early days of the season.

Bob Tohey reports that things are looking good for the youth field day, August 4th . A copy of the registration sheet can be found here. Please make copies and distribute them at your club. Anyone wishing to volunteer to help should call Bob at 724-554-4134. I'll try to get some pics of Bob's recent hunts in Arizona and New Zealand on our Facebook page.

We spent a lot of time at the last meeting talking about all the gun control bills that have blossomed since the Parkland school incident in FL. Ron Books attended the rally on April 22nd in Greensburg in support of the Rostraver police officer. The turnout was good, several hundred attended with no incidents of violence. He also attended the public hearings about gun laws and gun violence in state Capitol. The hearings were held 2 hours a day for 3 days. Ron said there was lots of talk but he doesn't expect much will result. I read in the Harrisburg paper that the 2nd Amendment Rally in Harrisburg on April 30th was so well attended that people were turned away. We send our appreciation to any one of you who were able to attend.

Lou Romito, of the Dormont-Mt Lebanon Club was kind enough to allow me to share with you his listing of all the candidates that will be on the primary election ballot on May 15th. Some things you should know: of all the candidates in the governor's race, only Paul Mango made any effort to hear what us sportsmen and women feel is important. Dianna Irey Vaughn is running for Lt. Governor. Dianna is an ardent shooter and is member of the Dormont Mt Lebanon club. She would be a great asset for us in Harrisburg. Also, please note that Bud Cook and Rick Saccone are co-sponsors of HB 1483. This is the bill that would take deer management away from the PGC and give it to a politically appointed committee. Passage of such a measure would result in the loss of any Pitman Roberson funding for the game commission. Those of you who live in the eastern or southern end of the county should know that Pam Snyder, along with Bud Cook voted against the license increase for the game commission.

A large number of bills concerning gun control have been introduced or are being worked on in Harrisburg. Dozens have been introduced that concern school safety. Two gun-control bills – one that would raise the minimum age to purchase firearms, one that would ban the sale or possession of new assault-style rifles – will be the subject of PA House Judiciary Committee meetings next month.

The next meeting will be Thursday, June 7th at 7:30PM at the Canonsburg Sportsmen's Club.

Be sure to vote on May 15th