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May 2019 Newsletter

I was made aware of some details that not everyone is aware of concerning the recent positive CWD case in the elk region of PA. These details were published in the latest issue of "On Target" the PFSC magazine. The deer that tested positive was a trophy buck raised in a disease-free breeding facility that was enrolled in the voluntary Heard Certification Program which is a federal program administered by the PA Dept. of Agriculture. This deer farm, within DMA 2, had never had an animal test positive and all deaths were tested. The owner if this farm sold this big buck to a hunting preserve in Clearfield County. This preserve had never had a deer test positive until this buck was harvested. The CWD was in the lymph node and not in the brain stem which means it was in the early stages of CWD. The Ag Dept. claims the buck was on the Clearfield County hunting preserve only 4 days before being shot. Both facilities are now quarantined which means no deer can go in or out for 5 years from the last detection of CWD which means if another dies in a year or two and tests positive the 5 year quarantine starts again. Its not hard to make the case that deer farms are a major contributor to the spread of CWD.

This brings me to the 2nd Amendment mixer at the Double Tree on May 2nd . It was reported that that over 300 people attended. The County League filled one table and several others had to stand. Francis Watt was in attendance and said hi to everyone. Lou Brandenburg set up the PFSC display and Dan and Adam were there at the PGC table. A fife and drum unit provided excellent patriotic musical entertainment.

Prior to the mixer Lou Romito, chairman of the Dormont-Mt Lebanon legislative committee arranged a meeting with Senator Camera Bartolotta, Dennis Fredricks, Tom Fazi, (PGC SW Region Director) and Harold Daub, (New PFSC Executive Director) The purpose of the meeting was to educate the Senator about CWD and hopefully start some legislative movement to help the PGC combat the disease. The meeting lasted 45 minutes. The topics discussed were:

Senator Bartolotta recommended that we contact Daniel Laughlin, (R. District 49. Erie (part) County), Chair of the Senate Game and Fisheries Committee. During his return to Harrisburg, Harold called Dan Laughlin, Chair of the Senate Game and Fisheries Committee. He discussed the points of the meeting with Senator Bartolotta. During the discussion, Laughlin told Harold that he was not aware that deer farms were under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture. He told Harold he would set up a meeting with himself, Harold, Dr. Shoop, who is on Bryan Burhan's staff, and the Department of Agriculture to discuss the topic of deer farm oversight.

Dan Sitler gave me a detailed report on the last PGC commissioners meeting; I think I covered the highlights in my last newsletter and what I didn't cover will be in your FREE Hunting and Trapping Digest this year.

The next meeting will be June 6th

Hope to see you there.