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October 2017 Newsletter

At the most recent board meeting the PFBC commissioners gave Director John Arway the authority to use his discretion on making cuts to save $2 million in the 2018-19 budget if the license increase bill does not get passed. Arway reported in previous meetings that the way to save close to $2 million would be to close two hatcheries, a research station, and scale back the cooperative trout nursery program. The commissioners agreed to the plan by a 6-4 vote at their September meeting. After about an hour of debate none of the commissioners objected to closing the hatcheries if no new revenue is forthcoming. Rep. Martin Causer went ballistic very quickly. He accused Arway of "playing politics and undermining their own mission to serve the state's boaters and anglers." He also accused Arway of threatening members of the General Assembly to get votes on a bill that would give him and the commission free reign to hike license fees anytime they want without going to the legislature for approval. I should include the fact that one of the hatcheries that might be closed is in his district. It is also apparent from his fanatical rage that either he has not read SB-30 or is purposefully telling a lie. It seems really odd to me that he would choose to tell a lie about a bill rather than fulfill his obligation to see to it that the agency is adequately funded. Something smells rotten to me.

Things aren't looking any better for the game commission either. We need to call Bud Cook and Pam Snyder who set on the House Game and Fisheries committee and tell them that you want them to support the license bills for the Fish Commission and the Game Commission.

Their phone numbers are: Cook: 724-669-2242 or 717-783-8655 Snyder: 724-966-8953 or 717-783-3797. That's all I'm going to say about politics for now

Dan Sitler talked about the 4 electronic devices that were approved at the last commissioner's meeting. Electronic dove and duck decoys and electronically heated devices that dispense scent and devices that emit ozone gas to control the hunter's scent. He talked about the 1500 acres donated by Consol in Greene Co. EHD is spreading and will continue to be a threat to the deer population until we get a good frost. If you kill a deer that appears to be infected or diseased call the regional office and Dan or Rich will issue a new tag. If you hunt pheasants and have a senior lifetime license you must still buy a pheasant stamp. (Don't argue, just go get one; my sentiments, not Dan's)

Dan also reminded us that no deer parts can be brought in to PA from a state that has CWD. CWD is costing the agency a lot of money. The PGC is also changing to a new radio system. One that is managed by the State Police and all state agencies will be using the same system. More money will be needed as this is another unfunded mandate.


We wish a speedy recovery to John (Jake) Rapacuk who is in the county health center, call him on his cell phone: 724-825-1870

The next meeting will be Thursday, November 2nd at 7:30PM at the Canonsburg Sportsmen's Club.

Hunt Safely